About the Effort

The Concern

The South Walton community, if left on its current course, will rapidly lose what has made it a special and unique place with its natural beauty and distinctive character that attracts residents, visitors and small businesses alike. The opportunity exists to alter the course if we can achieve:

  • Increased local representation with South Walton perspective and stewardship as a prime motivator
  • Better planning, growth management and enforcement
  • More opportunities for additional investment in local infrastructure
  • Fair and equitable allocation of tax revenues generated by South Walton

ABSW’s mission is to seek more effective governance and local representation for South Walton to preserve and enhance its unique character, property values and quality of life.

As defined in the ABSW mission above, ABSW’s focus is on thoughtful analysis and discussion regarding ideas for more effective local governance and therefore the future of South Walton. After much research, study and thoughtful consideration, we believe that incorporation of South Walton as a municipality is the best way to address our community’s concerns and opportunities. ABSW wants to give the residents of South Walton the opportunity to vote on whether or not incorporation is the best fit for our community. Our goal is to educate the citizens of South Walton on the process, benefits and realities of incorporating South Walton so they can make an informed decision about the future of our community. Please view the presentations below for more information and visit the Document Center page to access the full charter, the feasibility study and summary documents.

The ABSW initiative is made up of a diverse group of citizen volunteers who share a concern about the future of South Walton. It is the policy of ABSW not to take positions on the various political and hot-button issues that arise. However, many of our volunteers are active in the community and speak out on matters that they as individuals or other organizations that they represent believe warrant their voice.