A Better South Walton Releases Feasibility Study Results and Identifies Critical Next Steps

JUNE 6, 2016 – A Better South Walton, Inc. (ABSW), a nonprofit organization founded to seek more effective governance and local representation for South Walton, announces the results of its completed feasibility study and essential next steps for the community.

Announced at the recently held community meetings, the feasibility study results proved that incorporation is viable. A PowerPoint presentation outlining the study’s results, including comparable city comparisons, potential tax impact, and suggested revenue and budget plans, was shown to attendees to educate them on the opportunities available to South Walton. The full feasibility study can be found
here and the presentations outlining those results can be found here.

With the study now complete and showing that South Walton meets the requirements for incorporation and that it is in fact feasible, ABSW is asking South Walton residents to help with three critical components to move this initiative forward.

The first step is to sign the petition. From now until September 6, 2016, ABSW will be collecting signatures to petition the State Legislature to give South Walton residents the option to vote on whether or not the community becomes its own municipality. This petition is only asking for the opportunity to vote – actually voting on whether or not South Walton incorporates will not be until 2017. The petition may be signed online at here.

The second step is making a donation. ABSW is a volunteer-run organization, but funding is needed for critical expenses such as legal counsel, consultants and legislative outreach. It is imperative to have the necessary funding in place to continue this course of action as the final phases of this initiative develop. Information on how to donate may be found online here.

The third and final step is a call for volunteers. ABSW needs the residents of South Walton to help get the petition signed, host informational sessions for their neighbors, congregations or groups, act as community ambassadors, and to encourage voter registration. Volunteer information and opportunities may be found online here.

“We are on the cusp of something outstanding,” says DAVID or DAVE. “The results of this feasibility study reinforce what we, as residents of South Walton, already know: that we are a unique community, the largest in all of Walton County, that is deserving of the benefits and opportunities that incorporation brings. We can make South Walton better, but we need the community’s support to make it happen.”

To learn more about the ABSW initiative, visit www.ABetterSouthWalton.org or contact info@ABetterSouthWalton.org.

About A Better South Walton:

A Better South Walton (ABSW) is made up of a diverse group of citizen volunteers who share a concern about the future of South Walton. ABSW’s mission is to seek more effective governance and local representation for South Walton to preserve and enhance its unique character, property values and quality of life.

ABSW’s focus is on thoughtful analysis and discussion regarding ideas for more effective local governance and therefore, the future of South Walton. ABSW will also work to encourage the citizens of South Walton to weigh in formally and have a say in determining how South Walton will be managed going forward.