A Better South Walton Launches a Survey to Seek Public Input on the Future of South Walton

MARCH 2, 2016 — A Better South Walton, Inc. (ABSW), a nonprofit organization founded to seek more effective governance and local representation for South Walton, is a volunteer group of individuals who are concerned about the future of South Walton. “As our community has grown, so has the need to explore the most efficient and responsive ways to provide for our governance,” said David Pleat, President of ABSW. “Our efforts are ongoing to complete a Feasibility Study that will provide critical information about our South Walton community to aide in assessing our options.”

The Feasibility Study will include detailed, factual information about the community including a conservative analysis of the financial impact and potential benefits of incorporation as a municipality.

After months of searching for experts to author the study and much careful consideration, ABSW has hired Bill Underwood, of Underwood Management Services Group, Inc. and Jon Moyle of the Moyle Law Firm to complete the study document. More information about the feasibility study team, their backgrounds and areas of expertise can be found by visiting the organization’s new website. “Underwood’s strong economic and fiscal analysis background was key to our decision, and Moyle’s deep North Florida roots combined with his extensive work throughout Florida’s communities made his firm a good choice,” Pleat said. “We are currently seeking a governmental institute at a university in Florida to review the study once it is complete, and we look forward to bringing a fully vetted and reliable feasibility study to the citizens of South Walton in the coming months.” The study will also be reviewed by the Florida League of Cities, a non-partisan organization that promotes success in local governance.

Along with exploring South Walton’s options, ABSW has created a survey to be distributed throughout the community to determine the issues most important to the citizens and what they value. The survey will provide citizens with the opportunity to weigh in on our infrastructure, governmental representation, natural resources, public services, the built environment and more.

“Community input is critical to us as we move forward,” said Vice President Dave Rauschkolb. “We want the people of South Walton to have a voice and be heard. The complexities of preserving and managing a growing South Walton are evident. I can think of no more urgent issue than our working together to secure a future for our community we can all be proud of, a future to hand off to our children and theirs. I believe finding the best way for the our citizens of South Walton to govern South Walton is paramount.”

The survey is available on the ABSW website and the Facebook page, A Better South Walton. The website also provides additional information about the initiative and newsletter sign-up along with an opportunity for the community to donate and volunteer.

The board of directors of the newly formed organization include President David Pleat, Dave Rauschkolb, Mike Huggins, David Bailey, Leigh Moore, Jacquee Markel and Jennifer Steele. For more information about A Better South Walton, contact info@abettersouthwalton.org.