A Better South Walton Thanks You!

July 6, 2016 – A Better South Walton (ABSW) is incredibly fortunate to have the support of so many members of the local community. ABSW began as a group of citizens devoting their time and energy to exploring ideas to improve South Walton as it rapidly expands. With tremendous local support, ABSW has evolved into an initiative that seeks more effective, responsive governance and increased local representation for South Walton to preserve and enhance the unique character and quality of life that our residents and visitors value.

ABSW is proud to have the following number of citizens supporting the effort thus far by:
• Volunteering to donate their time – 101 people
• Responding to the survey – 2,294 people
• Signing up for the ABSW newsletter – 710 people
• Making a financial donation – 142 people

Donations make it possible for ABSW to fund necessary research and analysis and to communicate this information to the citizens and businesses of South Walton. Financial and in-kind donations have both been an integral part of the continued growth of ABSW.

To date, more than 140 individual donations ranging from $10 to $10,000 have been received by ABSW and a detailed listing of those donors contributing $300 or more can be found on the ABSW website, here.

ABSW still has a great deal to accomplish, and asks that you consider:
• What level of donation you would be comfortable making?
• How your time and talents could help the efforts of ABSW?
• Reaching out to ABSW to schedule a meeting with your neighbors, club,
business, church, etc., to educate your group on the ABSW initiative.
• Signing the petition, if you haven’t already, and actively engaging others to do the

The continued support of the South Walton community is vital to the mission of ABSW.
Please ask your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to:
• Sign the petition here
• Donate here
• Volunteer here
• Contact ABSW – info@abettersouthwalton.org – to schedule a community

Educate yourself, and encourage those around you to do the same. Learn more about this initiative, the results of the preliminary feasibility study and the multiple benefits this could bring to South Walton by visiting www.ABetterSouthWalton.org.

About A Better South Walton:

A Better South Walton (ABSW) is made up of a diverse group of citizen volunteers who share a concern about the future of South Walton. ABSW’s mission is to seek more effective governance and local representation for South Walton to preserve and enhance its unique character, property values and quality of life.

ABSW’s focus is on thoughtful analysis and discussion regarding ideas for more effective local governance and therefore, the future of South Walton. ABSW will also work to encourage the citizens of South Walton to weigh in formally and have a say in determining how South Walton will be managed going forward.