The Team

Board of Directors

Mike Huggins, president & treasurer

Lives in Rosemary Beach

Mike is retired and moved to South Walton in early 2001. Prior to retirement, he spent 25 years as a consultant with Accenture specializing in complex project management and delivery. Having been born in North … read more

David Bailey, vice president

Lives in Grayton Beach

David is a licensed architect and urban planner who has lived and worked in Northwest Florida since 1981. He holds a Bachelor of Design from UF, and a Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech. Between … read more

Jacquee Markel, secretary

Lives in Dune Allen

Jacquee grew up in New Jersey and attended Montclair State University. Atlanta became her second home where she met her husband of 23 years, Kenny Markel. Growing up in a creative family, Jacquee started a … read more

Leigh Moore, director

Lives in Inlet Beach

Leigh has a professional background in human resources, management, operations and sales with SunTrust Bank and Alys Beach. She also previously served as the Executive Director of the Scenic Corridor Association. She is currently Director … read more

David Pleat, director

Lives in Sandestin

Mr. Pleat is the senior partner in the law firm of Pleat, Perry and Ritchie, P.A. He has practiced law for over 30 years in multiple jurisdictions and enjoys Martindale-Hubbell’s highest rating for lawyers for … read more

Dave Rauschkolb, director

Lives in Watersound

Dave Rauschkolb has lived in South Walton for nearly 30 years and is the owner of 3 restaurants in Seaside and a Catering company in Grayton Beach. His flagship restaurant, Bud & Alley’s is the … read more

Jennifer Steele, director

Lives in Point Washington

Jennifer has been a part of South Walton her entire life, having spent summers in her Grayton Beach family home before making it her full-time residence in 2000. After receiving a BFA from Valdosta State … read more

Jim Rester, director

Lives in Blue Mountain Beach

Prior to his retirement, Jim spent most of his career in the resort community development business.Came here in 1991 as CEO of Sandestin and later worked as CEO of St Joe-West Florida and CEO of … read more

The Community

ABSW wants to thank the many community supporters that are playing such an important role in helping ABSW address the critical concerns affecting South Walton and its future. We can’t do what we are doing without you. Details of community support and involvement include:

  • 101 people volunteered to donate their time.
  • 2,294 responses to our survey.
  • 710 people signed up for our newsletter.
  • Supporters have also generously given over 140 donations to help ABSW do the research necessary and get the word out to provide information to the citizens, businesses and visitors of South Walton regarding more effective governance and the potential for local representation. The breakdown of donations to date by level is:
    Level Count
    $3,000 and up 3
    $1000 to $2,999 9
    $500 to $999 12
    $200 to $499 25
    $100 to $199 32
    $25 to $99 44
    under $25 17

ABSW wants to give special thanks to those donors who have given $300 (see Note 1 below) or more over the last 12 months. These donors are:

Catherine & Jeremie Desautels $1,040
Corr Properties II, LLC $2,000
Dave Rauschkolb $10,500
David Pleat $850
Edwin Walborsky $2,000
Elizabeth Cork $2,500
Eric Isham $1,000
Fred Buehler $400
Howard Group $5,000
Jacquee Markel $1,000
Jennifer Steele $600
Jim Rester $500
Patricia H Coggin $300
Ray & Tami Moats $400
Rick Montague $1,000
Robert & Susan Dobes $500
Rod Wilson $500
Susan Lucas $400
Thomas Mays $500
Tom & Jane Davis $500
Trish LeClere $500
Bob Dobes $500
Anonymous $500
Anonymous $500
Anonymous $1,000
Anonymous $500

Note 1: The above donations were direct dollar (cash, check or credit card) donations. Many people and businesses have also given significant “in-kind” donations. We extend our special thanks to our “in-kind” donors as well.

The ABSW initiative is made up of a diverse group of citizen volunteers who share a concern about the future of South Walton. It is the policy of ABSW not to take positions on the various political and hot-button issues that arise. However, many of our volunteers are active in the community and speak out on matters that they as individuals or other organizations that they represent believe warrant their voice.


Jon C. Moyle, Jr.

Jon Moyle was born in Tallahassee in 1962, graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1984 and received his Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of … read more

William F. Underwood, II

Bill Underwood graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy in 1997 and received his MBA from Nova Southeastern University in 1993. Bill has worked in local government in … read more

Dr. Oel Wingo

Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services Dr. Oel Wingo is the sole proprietor and CEO of Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services (OWMCS. Started in January 2011, OWMCS primarily provides consulting services to local governments. OWMCS provides … read more